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Month: August 2022

Microsoft Authenticator App: Improve security with app and location information

Multi-Factor Authentication improves security of every identity. Microsoft is working constantly to improve the security of their Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure accounts.
A new feature has been added to the Microsoft Authenticator App, which displays additional information in multi-factor authentication approval requests:

  • which application sent the approval request
  • sign-in location of the approval request

Disabling Basic Auth: Microsoft 365 SMTP Relay for Non-TLS Devices

As of October 1, 2022, basic athentication (legacy authentication) will be disabled for EWS, RPS, POP, IMAP, MAPI, RPC, OAB, SMTP AUTH, and EAS protocols in Exchange Online. The basic authentication is a big security issue, since a user name and password are already sufficient for sign in. After deactivating basic authentication, modern authentication (based on OAuth 2.0) becomes active. Modern authentication requires a second factor (multi-factor authentication).

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