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Are you looking for information about guest configurations in Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365? In this archive you will find all our posts about guest configurations.

Azure AD B2B Direct Connect for shared channels in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft offers with Azure AD B2B Direct Connect for shared channels in Microsoft Teams a feature that simplifies management for collaboration with external partners in teams.

Until the release of Azure AD B2B Direct Connect, an external partner was invited to the tenant as a guest and authorized in Microsoft Teams (Azure AD B2B Collaboration). The external partner then received an email with instructions for further steps.

When looking in to the own Azure Active Directory everyone notes: each external user gets a guest account in our own Azure Active Directory. Whether the guest account is still in use or not, it will always remain in Azure Active Directory until it is manually deleted.

Review and remove inactive users from Microsoft 365 groups with Access Review

Permissions for Microsoft 365 groups or applications can change constantly. This makes the effort of checking permissions time-consuming and inefficient.

With the Azure Active Directory feature “Access Review”, this task can be largely automated and inactive users and guests can be removed from the Microsoft 365 groups and applications with just a few clicks.

Enforce Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) provides a high level of protection for identities in the cloud. The user must identify himself with a second factor in addition to the password. Without this second factor, access to cloud apps are prevented.

The feature “Azure AD Conditional Access” can be used to enforce multi-factor authentication. At least two of the following authentication methods then become mandatory:

  • Something you know, typically a password
  • Something you have, such as a trusted device that’s not easily duplicated, like a phone or hardware key
  • Something you are – biometrics like a fingerprint or face scan

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