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Are you looking for information about Active Directory? In this archive you will find all our posts about Active Directory.

Secure Emergency Access: Create and Manage Microsoft Entra Emergency Accounts with YubiKey (FIDO2)

A Microsoft Entra emergency access account, also known as a “Break Glass Account”, is a special account set up for accessing Azure resources in emergency situations. This account typically has higher permissions and is only used when conventional access routes are not available. This could be, for example, a service outage, so that no multi-factor authentication can be performed via a mobile phone. The use of emergency accounts is strictly controlled, monitored, and restricted.

Azure AD B2B Direct Connect for shared channels in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft offers with Azure AD B2B Direct Connect for shared channels in Microsoft Teams a feature that simplifies management for collaboration with external partners in teams.

Until the release of Azure AD B2B Direct Connect, an external partner was invited to the tenant as a guest and authorized in Microsoft Teams (Azure AD B2B Collaboration). The external partner then received an email with instructions for further steps.

When looking in to the own Azure Active Directory everyone notes: each external user gets a guest account in our own Azure Active Directory. Whether the guest account is still in use or not, it will always remain in Azure Active Directory until it is manually deleted.

Installation and Configuration of Microsoft Entra Cloud Sync

Microsoft Entra Cloud Sync is an advanced synchronization solution that enables seamless integration of objects from Active Directory into Microsoft Entra ID. This technology simplifies synchronization by orchestrating the deployment of Active Directory objects within Microsoft Entra ID in the Microsoft Cloud Services. For the on-premises infrastructure, only the installation of a lightweight agent is required, reducing complexity and enhancing efficiency.

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