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Are you looking for information about backup of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365? In this archive you will find all our posts about backup.

Create an Azure snapshot of a virtual hard disk

An Azure Snapshot is an exact image of a disk at a specific point in time. This is a quicker way to back up the state of a hard disk than with an Azure backup.

Azure snapshots are best suited when, for example, operating system or software updates are to be tested. Additional virtual machines can be cloned from an Azure snapshot for this purpose. An existing virtual machine can also be restored to the original state of the snapshot if required.

This guide describes how to create an Azure snapshot, how to download a snapshot in VHD format, and how to clone a virtual machine from an Azure snapshot.

Backup and Restore Microsoft Authenticator App

Using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in conjunction with the Microsoft Authenticator app significantly increases identity security.

The Microsoft Authenticator app can store credentials from Microsoft services and others. A user does not need to install multiple applications for the same tasks.

But what happens if the mobile phone with the Microsoft Authenticator app is lost or replaced? Do all account information have to be re-registered manually?

Azure AD Connect: High Availability with Staging Mode

The ability to run an Azure AD Connect installation in staging mode, prepared identically by importing the active configuration, allows a High Availability solution to be created for Azure AD synchronization with minimal effort.

In case of a disaster recovery of the Azure AD Connect service, only the staging mode on the prepared server can be deactivated due to the high availability. The synchronization from Active Directory to Azure Active Directory continues to work seamlessly.

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