Multi-Factor Authentication improves security of every identity. Microsoft is working constantly to improve the security of their Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure accounts.
A new feature has been added to the Microsoft Authenticator App, which displays additional information in multi-factor authentication approval requests:

  • which application sent the approval request
  • sign-in location of the approval request

Prerequisites and Licensing

Enable application and location information

Sign-in to Azure Portal ( and select “Azure Active Directory” > “Security”.

Select “Authentication methods”

Select “Policies” > “Microsoft Authenticator”

Select the target group under “Enable and Target” for which the additional information should be displayed in the Microsoft Authenticator App. It is recommended not to make any restriction here (Select “All users”).

The Configuration tab specifies the information to be displayed in the Microsoft Authenticator App:

  1. Show application name requesting authentication
  2. Geographic location of the sign-in request

Finally save the configuration by clicking “Save”.

During the next time you sign in to Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Azure, additional information about the application and the location of the sign-in request will now appear in the Microsoft Authenticator App.

Aktivierung Standort Angabe Multi-Faktor Authentifizierung - Approve sign-in

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