Finding the right blade in the Microsoft portal can be time-consuming and complicated. With exists a Microsoft Cloud command line for the browser. This can be used to access specific portals and blades such as conditional access, MFA (multi-factor authentication), quarantine emails and many more directly from the browser address bar. – Microsoft Cloud command line for the browser

Using the Microsoft Cloud command line for the browser is very simple. In the browser address line, the respective portal or blade is written in one of the following formats:

  • {command}

This allows portals and blades from Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Defender, Microsoft Intune and Microsoft 365 to be accessed directly. For example:

A complete and up-to-date listing of all portals and blades is shown on

Browser extension for power users

With the browser extension the commands in the address bar are automatically completed. You don’t have to type the entire address line every time.

This extension is available for the following browsers:

Installing the browser extension for Microsoft Edge

To install the add-on on Microsoft Edge, open the following link and click “Get” to perform the installation.

Working with the browser extension

After successful installation the extension can be used:

  • In the browser address bar, type c followed by the space or tab key
  • type in the shortcut of the portal or blade, e.g. ex for the Microsoft Exchange Admin Center


Autocompletion of the address line

If the shortcut for the portal or blade to be searched for is not known, the command can be found via the automatic completion in the browser address bar. The address line shows possible hits each time you enter them. As an example, with “ad” in the address bar, the following possibilities are shown:

Quickly open from address bar

Type in the adress bar c followed by a space or tab key and enter to display the homepage of quickly.

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