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Are you looking for information about the Microsoft Authenticator App? In this archive you will find all our posts about the Microsoft Authenticator App.

Microsoft Authenticator App: Improve security with number matching

The use of multi-factor authentication is considered one of the most secure methods to protect an account and is therefore recommended by pretty much every provider by now. Due to this fact, the user receives many multi-factor authentication requests every day, which are probably no longer considered carefully and are approved out of habit.
Microsoft introduces number matching, a method that can prevent blind approval of the request.

For existing users with the Microsoft Authenticator App, number matching will be enabled by default on February 27, 2023.
The following tutorial will immediately enable number matching and therefore increase login security.

Microsoft Authenticator App: Improve security with app and location information

Multi-Factor Authentication improves security of every identity. Microsoft is working constantly to improve the security of their Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure accounts.
A new feature has been added to the Microsoft Authenticator App, which displays additional information in multi-factor authentication approval requests:

  • which application sent the approval request
  • sign-in location of the approval request

Backup and Restore Microsoft Authenticator App

Using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in conjunction with the Microsoft Authenticator app significantly increases identity security.

The Microsoft Authenticator app can store credentials from Microsoft services and others. A user does not need to install multiple applications for the same tasks.

But what happens if the mobile phone with the Microsoft Authenticator app is lost or replaced? Do all account information have to be re-registered manually?

Enable Azure Active Directory self-service password reset (SSPR)

Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) in Azure AD allows users to reset the password and unlock the account on their own. It does not require helpdesk support.

To enable the user to reset the password, the following authentication methods are available for Self-Service Password Reset in Azure AD (SSPR).:

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