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Temporary Access Pass in Microsoft Entra: what it is and how to use it

A Temporary Access Pass (TAP) is a time-limited passcode that can be configured for single or multiple use. The Temporary Access Pass (TAP) allows the user to securely sign in to the Microsoft Cloud within a defined time period to set up additional authentication methods. These secure authentication methods include passwordless methods such as FIDO2 security keys or the Microsoft Authenticator App. The limited time period for access authorisations makes the Temporary Access Pass (TAP) an indispensable tool for security guidelines and compliance requirements.

Microsoft Entra Privileged Identity Management (PIM) and FIDO2: Increasing the security of privileged roles

Privileged roles and permissions in Microsoft Entra ID allow you to manage all aspects of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365. To make phishing and other attacks more difficult, a secure password for privileged Microsoft Entra roles is no longer enough. Phishing-resistant multi-factor-authentication, such as FIDO2 protocol on a security key in combination with Microsoft Entra Privileged Identity Management (PIM), significantly increases security for the Microsoft Tenant and convenience for the user.

Show First Contact Safety Tip in Email

First Contact Safety Tip is a feature in Microsoft Office 365 to better protect users from phishing attacks. First Contact Safety Tip is part of Microsoft Defender for Office 365 or Exchange Online Protection and helps users detect fake or fraudulent mails.

If a suspicious email is received, the email will have a warning in the header informing the user that it may be phishing email. The warning is shown in one of the following cases:
– the sender sends an email to the mailbox for the first time
– the sender very rarely sends an email to this mailbox

Windows LAPS in Microsoft Intune

Windows LAPS (Local Administrator Password Solution) provides centralized, simple and secure management of local administrator passwords in Microsoft Intune. Each device receives its own temporary administrator password. Windows LAPS automatically manages the administrator passwords in terms of expiration and rotation. Local administrator passwords are stored in either Azure Active Directory or local Active Directory.

Windows LAPS thus offers, for example, higher protection against pass-the-hash and lateral traversal attacks.

Setting up SPF, DKIM and DMARC in Exchange Online

SPF (Sender Policy Framework), DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) and DMARC (Domain based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) are used to check email messages. In combination, the three procedures achieve a high level of security with regard to the authenticity of the sender and content of an email.

This guide sets up SPF, DKIM and DMARC for Exchange Online.

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