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Are you looking for information about Azure AD Connect? In this archive you will find all our posts about Azure AD Connect.

Installation and configuration Azure Active Directory Cloud Sync

Azure Active Directory Cloud Sync is a software that synchronizes objects from Active Directory to Azure Active Directory.
Azure AD Connect cloud synchronization orchestrates the provisioning of AD objects to Azure AD in Microsoft Online Services. Locally only a simple agent is needed.

The entire synchronization configuration is set up in the Azure Portal ( Azure AD Cloud Sync supports high availability by installing the agent on multiple servers.

This tutorial describes how to install and configure Azure AD Cloud Sync.

Enable Azure Active Directory self-service password reset (SSPR)

Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) in Azure AD allows users to reset the password and unlock the account on their own. It does not require helpdesk support.

To enable the user to reset the password, the following authentication methods are available for Self-Service Password Reset in Azure AD (SSPR).:

Azure AD Connect: Enforcing TLS 1.2

Azure AD Connect no longer supports the following protocols because they are considered insecure.

  • TLS 1.0
  • TLS 1.1

the following services may be affected by the deactivation of the protocols:

  • Azure AD Connect
  • Azure AD-PowerShell
  • Passthrough Authentication Agents (PTA)
  • Applications with Azure AD integration

With TLS 1.2, Azure AD Connect remains executable.

Azure AD Connect: Synchronize Directory Extensions

A local Active Directory can have directory extensions. For example, when installing Microsoft Exchange 15 extension attributes are created in Active Directory.

Die Werte dieser Verzeichniserweiterungen werden nicht mit Azure AD Connect synchronisiert. Wenn diese Werte in Azure AD benötigt werden, muss Azure AD Connect so konfiguriert werden, dass dies geschieht.

Azure AD Connect: High Availability with Staging Mode

The ability to run an Azure AD Connect installation in staging mode, prepared identically by importing the active configuration, allows a High Availability solution to be created for Azure AD synchronization with minimal effort.

In case of a disaster recovery of the Azure AD Connect service, only the staging mode on the prepared server can be deactivated due to the high availability. The synchronization from Active Directory to Azure Active Directory continues to work seamlessly.

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