First Contact Safety Tip is a feature in Microsoft Office 365 to better protect users from phishing attacks. First Contact Safety Tip is part of Microsoft Defender for Office 365 or Exchange Online Protection and helps users detect fake or fraudulent mails.

If a suspicious email is received, the email will have a warning in the header informing the user that it may be phishing email. The warning is shown in one of the following cases:
– the sender sends an email to the mailbox for the first time
– the sender very rarely sends an email to this mailbox

Prerequisites and Licensing

The Exchange Online mailbox requires one of the following licenses:

  • Defender for Office 365 P1
  • Defender for Office 365 P2
  • Exchange Online Protection (EOP)

An overview of Microsoft 365 license packages with their features can be found at

Enable First Contact Safety Tip

First Contact Safety Tip is managed in the Microsoft 365 Defender Portal (

The activation of the function takes place under Email & collaboration > Policies & rules > Threat policies > Anti-phishing

Create new policy by clicking Create

Give the new policy a meaningful name

The policy is enabled on users, groups or domains. Multiple domains can be added.

Under Phishing Detection and Protection, disable all options. In this tutorial, only the feature First Contact Safety Tip is in scope.

Enable First Contact Safety Tip

Check policy settings and create the policy by clicking Submit

The policy is created after a few seconds.

Ensure that the new policy is active.

From now on, suspicious phishing emails will be delivered to the recipient’s mailbox with the warning You don’t often get email from… in the header

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Look and Feel

If the policy “First Contact Safety Tip” hits, the warning You don’t often get email from… is show in the header of the email

This warning is intended to alert the user that the email may be phishing and that care should be taken with the content.

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