Passwordless sign in with the Microsoft Authenticator App makes sign in to Azure and Microsoft 365 cloud services more secure and convenient for the user. The typing of a password is replaced by a modern method, e.g. the Microsoft Authenticator app.

Passwordless sign-in to cloud apps can be achieved using various methods:

For a significant increase of identities security, the cost-effective variant with the Microsoft Authenticator App is the best choice.

Prerequisites and Licensing

  • Microsoft Authenticator app is installed in the latest version on iOS or Android
  • Microsoft Entra multi-factor authentication (MFA) is set up with push notification to users smartphones
    (see blogpost User guide: Enabling multi-factor authentication –
  • The device with the Authenticator app is registered in Microsoft Entra to a user during configuration
  • Passwordless sign-in can be enabled only on one Microsoft tenant per Authenticator app
  • no additional license is needed


Enable authentication methods

For a cost-effective and secure implementation, we use the variant with the Microsoft Authenticator App in this tutorial.

The Microsoft Authenticator authentication method is configured in the Microsoft Entra admin center (

Enable Protection > Authentication methods > Policies > Microsoft Authenticator.

User guide
Set sign in method

Register Microsoft Authenticator App

Open Microsoft Authenticator App, select user account and Enable phone sign-in and sign-in.

Microsoft Authenticator App on the mobile device is now registered for passwordless sign-in.

Passwordless Sign-In - Disable phone sign-in

Switch to passwordless sign-in

During the login process, the user can switch to passwordless sign-in.

Passwordless Sign-In - use an app insted
Passwordless Sign-In - sign-in with phone

In the Microsoft Authenticator app on the mobile device, the displayed number can now be entered to successfully complete the login.

Passwordless Sign-In - sign-in with phone

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