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Month: June 2022

Installation and configuration Azure Active Directory Cloud Sync

Azure Active Directory Cloud Sync is a software that synchronizes objects from Active Directory to Azure Active Directory.
Azure AD Connect cloud synchronization orchestrates the provisioning of AD objects to Azure AD in Microsoft Online Services. Locally only a simple agent is needed.

The entire synchronization configuration is set up in the Azure Portal ( Azure AD Cloud Sync supports high availability by installing the agent on multiple servers.

This tutorial describes how to install and configure Azure AD Cloud Sync.

Review and remove inactive users from Microsoft 365 groups with Access Review

Permissions for Microsoft 365 groups or applications can change constantly. This makes the effort of checking permissions time-consuming and inefficient.

With the Azure Active Directory feature “Access Review”, this task can be largely automated and inactive users and guests can be removed from the Microsoft 365 groups and applications with just a few clicks.

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